Framework for Veterans’ Health Care

The purpose of the Framework for Veterans’ Health Care 2016-2020 (PDF 1MB) is to set the strategic direction for the provision of veterans’ health care in South Australia. The framework informs us of the health needs of veterans so that we can develop a shared understanding of how we will work together to improve the quality of care for veterans.

The previous Framework for Veterans’ Health Care 2012-2016 and the Veterans’ Service Guarantee were developed within a context of different priorities, infrastructure and understanding of veteran healthcare needs. These documents are being updated and expanded to reach beyond the grounds of Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park to all veterans in South Australia, regardless of locality.

The framework incorporates within it a Guarantee for all veterans that will apply across the entire SA Health system. The Guarantee sets the high level principles to create a minimum standard of quality health care for veterans.

The Guarantee for all Veterans includes:

  • Providing public hospital services to meet the health care needs of veterans, including maintaining a veterans’ focussed Mental Health Service
  • Recognising the unique needs of veterans and the veteran community, including the need for early intervention and prevention
  • Supporting, assisting and facilitating veterans’ health care needs and where appropriate facilitating priority access to services through developing and supporting access to a statewide veterans’ health advocate
  • Listening and responding to the priorities of veterans and involving veterans in decisions about services that affect them and the veteran community
  • Upholding traditions and ceremonies which are essential for making meaning of service through collective recognition of the past as a means to create and commit to a better future
  • Recognising the importance of the social aspects of veteran culture, including the unique bonds forged through service
  • Recognising the importance of identifying veterans at all points of entry to the health system
  • Providing information to improve access to health services for veterans
  • Promoting partnerships and coordinated services
  • Supporting eligible veterans to access Department of Veterans’ Affairs health care entitlements

The framework encourages all partners in veterans’ health care to work together to help shape the future for veterans’ health in South Australia. While the framework is principally a SA Health document, it is written to inspire all partners in veterans’ health care to take action and be held accountable to the minimum standard set out by the Guarantee.

This framework is the result of close collaboration between Veterans’ Health Advisory Council (VHAC) and SA Health as well as consultation with veterans and the veteran community in South Australia. A five year timeframe has been chosen for the framework to acknowledge the many changes underway in the health system and lay the foundations for a new system of health care for veterans. The VHAC will monitor implementation of the framework.