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The following resources contain information for all medical practitioners, including general practitioners, medical trainees and specialists, contracted by regional local health networks.

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The following resources contain information for GPs and medical trainees contracted by regional LHNs.

South Australian Rural Medical Fee Agreement (SARMFA) agreements and rates

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New fee for service agreements to be negotiated

The current SARMFA agreements are due to expire on 30 November 2020. The Australian Medical Association (SA) (AMASA) and Rural Doctors Association of South Australia (RDASA) have been invited to negotiate a new common agreement with the regional LHNs on behalf of the rural GP workforce.

Due to the constraints in business operations associated with COVID-19, a six-month extension of the current agreements to 31 May 2021 has been agreed in principle by all parties, thereby allowing sufficient time to negotiate and finalise the new agreement. Formal approval for the extension is being sought through standard procurement processes.

A statement of intent (PDF 233KB), which was developed to ensure the parties have a clear and common understanding of the planned approach, has been endorsed by the AMASA, RDASA and regional LHN CEOs.

Planning and consultation regarding the new agreement have commenced with the aim of developing an agreed list of key negotiation points. Negotiation with the parties and liaison with the Crown Solicitor’s Office (CSO) are expected to take place later in the year. Focusing on resolving the key negotiation points before drafting of the agreement commences will help ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

Once the key negotiation points are resolved, financial approval will be sought from the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, and the CSO will draft the agreement, seeking input from the parties where required. Once the agreement is drafted, it will be presented to the regional LHN CEOs and governing boards for approval. It is expected that it will then be issued for formal acceptance and execution by the regional LHN CEOs, AMASA and RDASA in early 2021, to take effect from 1 June 2021.


The following resources contain information for specialists contracted by regional LHNs.

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