Vaccine Administration Code

Amendments to The Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulation 2011, sub regulation 18(3) will provide authorisation for a registered health practitioner determined by the Minister, to administer vaccine without a medical order. The authorisation is conditional to the administration being in accordance the Vaccine Administration Code (PDF 313KB).

About the Code

The Vaccine Administration Code outlines the requirements necessary to support the authorisation of a registered health practitioner to administer schedule 4 (S4) drugs without a medical order.

Related requirements

The requirements relate to training programs, organisations, immunisation programs and vaccines listed under the Appendices of the Vaccine Administration Code.

Additional requirements for the administration of S4 drugs under the Vaccine Administration Code

The requirements specified by the Minister under regulation 18(3)(d)(ii)(B)of the Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations 2011 for the administration of a vaccine that is not administered as part of the National Immunisation Program must be administered in accordance with :

  • The seasonal influenza program for persons 6 months of age or older; or
  • The SA Department for Health and Wellbeing New Arrival Refugee Immunisation Program; or
  • The recommendation for specific vaccines or the recommendations for special risk groups in The Australian Immunisation Handbook subject to the condition that the vaccine must not be administered for the purpose of travel or for the management of a tetanus prone wound; or
  • An occupational health program

Who the code applies to

The Code applies to:

  • Registered nurses, midwives and pharmacists who are classes of health practitioners determined by the Minister for the purposes of regulation 18(3) of the Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations 2011
  • Organisations delivering immunisation programs.

A requirement of the Vaccine Administration Code is that the vaccine is administered as part of a program administered by an approved organisation.

Approved organisations

Approved organisations include:

  • an incorporated hospital
  • SA Ambulance Service
  • a council or council subsidiary
  • any organisation approved by the Minister for the purposes of sub regulation 18(3)(c).

How to apply to be an approved organisation

Organisations not specified above who wish to support authorised registered health practitioners to administer vaccines can apply to the Minister to be an approved organisation.

See the Approvals for immunisation training programs and organisations delivering immunisation programs for further information.

Further information

For further information on Vaccine Administration code, including the authorisation process, contact SA Health's Immunisation Section on 1300 232 272.

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