SA Health Cancer Drug Committee

The SA Health Cancer Drug Committee (SAHCDC) is responsible to the South Australian Medicines Advisory Committee (SAMAC) for overseeing the development, approval and review of cancer chemotherapy protocols within SA Health Hospitals.

The scope of the SAHCDC includes chemotherapy protocols used in malignant haematology (for example leukaemia and myeloma) and oncology (solid tumours).

The SAHCDC provides final review and endorsement of new and updated protocols and support tools following submission by cancer services. Protocols are reviewed and assessed for effectiveness and suitability for endorsement using the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Evidence levels guide

The SAHCDC also enables urgent review of ‘non-standard’ cancer chemotherapy protocols for individual patient treatment when an endorsed protocol is not available.

The approved cancer chemotherapy protocols list, SAHCDC forms and protocol template can be found on the Cancer, Haematology and Oncology web page.


Membership includes doctors, pharmacists, nurses and consumer representatives.

Chair - Ian Olver, Professor of Translational Cancer Research, Director Sansom Institute for Health Research, includes doctors, pharmacists, nurses and consumer representatives.

Deputy Chair – Dr David Yeung

Clinical Cancer Network Chair - Dr Ganessan Kichenadasse

Medicines and Technology Policy & Programs (MTPP)

  • Senior Project Pharmacist - Ms Bel Morris
  • Director - Ms Naomi Burgess

Consumer Consumer Representative - Ms Marcie Durrand

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

  • Haematologist - Dr Uwe Hahn
  • Oncologist - Dr Rachel Roberts-Thomson / Dr Sid Selva
  • Pharmacist - Mr Dale  Thompson
  • Nurse Practitioner - Ms Nicole Loft

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network

  • Head of Haematology Services - Dr Bryone Kuss
  • Oncologist - A/Prof Chris Karapetis
  • Specialist Oncology Pharmacist - Ms Helen Martin
  • Nurse – Michael Fitzgerald

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

  • Oncologist - Dr Chris Hocking
  • Haematologist - Dr Michele Damin
  • Pharmacist - Ms Kimberley-Ann Kerr
  • Nurse – Vacant

Regional LHNs

  • Director Cancer Services - Prof Sankha Mitra
  • Oncologist - Dr Dagmara Poprawski
  • Pharmacist - Ms Kylies Moore
  • Nurse - Ms Helen Phillips
  • Haematologist  — Dr Danielle Blunt

Women’s and Children’s Health Network

  • Haematologist/Oncologist - Dr Ben Saxon
  • Pharmacist - Ms Hayley Vasileff
  • Acting Nursing Service Director - Mr Philip Mauger

eCPS Oncologist - Dr Jacqui