Healthcare infection prevention governance

At the local level South Australian hospitals each have a nominated person or team with responsibility for infection prevention and control who reports to an Infection Control Committee or other Clinical Governance committee within each Local Health Network.

The oversight of infection prevention and control strategies and priorities at the state level occurs via a number of separate committees which are administered by the Infection Control Service of the Communicable Disease Control Branch, except where indicated.

South Australian Infection Reference Group (SAIRG)

The SAIRG serves as the peak advisory body to SA Health on healthcare infection prevention strategies and consists of representative infectious disease specialist physicians, medical scientists, infection prevention and control coordinators from each of the Local Health Networks, a SA Pathology representative, the Director of Communicable Disease Control Branch and representatives from the SA Health Infection Control Service.

SA Health Reprocessing of Medical Devices Committee

The SA Health Reprocessing of Medical Devices Committee provides a forum for state-wide decision making in matters relating to reprocessing of reusable medical devices (including high level disinfection) in Central Sterilising Departments (CSDs) and other satellite sites. The Committee provides oversight of the statewide implementation of the reusable medical device reprocessing AS/NZS 4187:2014 and the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) Infection Control in Endoscopy Guidelines (2010) and provides a forum to share learning and resources to support implementation of standard AS/NZS 4187:2014.

South Australian Network of Infection Control Teams (SANIT)

The SANIT consists of a group of infection control professionals, medical scientists and other disciplines with an infection prevention role, together with representatives from the Infection Control Service of the Communicable Disease Control Branch.

All members are from South Australian public and private healthcare facilities who have a mutual interest in the surveillance and prevention of healthcare associated infections.

Participation in SANIT is on a voluntary basis.

Non-acute Infection Control Special Interest Group (NICSIG)

A similar network has been established for the non-acute sector, known as the NICSIG. This group consists of representatives from various settings, including aged care and disability services, rehabilitation facilities, mental health, prison health, primary and ambulatory care.

This group is now merged with SANIT.

SA Expert Advisory Group on Antimicrobials (SAAGAR)

The development of resources related to antimicrobial stewardship is guided by the SA expert Advisory Group on Antimicrobial (SAAGAR). This committee reports to the SA Health Safety and Quality Strategic Governance Committee via the SA Health Medicines Advisory Committee (SAMAC) and the HAIAG.

Working relationships

SA Health's Infection Control Service also has close working relationships with the following national bodies:

Further information

For further information on the individual healthcare infection prevention governance, contact SA Health's Infection Control Service.