Kingston/Robe Health Advisory Council Inc.

A major role of the Kingston/Robe Health Advisory Council Inc is to relay ideas and views from the Community to the local Health Service.


The Kingston/Robe Health Advisory Council can include:

  • Up to 8 community members
  • 1 local government nominee
  • 1 local member of Parliament or his or her nominee
  • 1 medical practitioner
  • A worker from the Local Health Network

Current members

Presiding member - John Davidson
Local member of parliament - Pauline Parsons
Local government nominee - Carol Koch
Community representatives -

  • Catherine Barker
  • Denise Foreman
  • Kathrin Rowbotham
  • Lisa Ruffell
  • Rick Wingard
  • Taylor Martin




John Davidson
Kingston Robe Health Advisory Council Inc.
C/- Kingston Soldiers Memorial Hospital
Cnr Cooke Street & Young Street
Kingston SE 5275