Preparing for your telerehabilitation appointment

Before your telerehabilitation appointment

Before your telerehabilitation appointment, please ensure you have read and completed the necessary steps outlined on the Accessing telerehabilitation page. This includes:

  • arranging to borrow an SA Health iPad, or
  • setting up your own device to ensure it is ready to go.

During your telerehabilitation appointment

A rehabilitation health professional will video call you from a SA Health site. Please ensure that you are ready to receive calls. During your appointments, please:

  • use a private and quiet room with good lighting, and ensure the environment is safe and appropriate (i.e. remove clutter that may pose a falls risk during exercise)
  • ensure items you are likely to use during therapy are nearby
  • close down any unnecessary programs or software applications on your device
  • Use the self-view function on the videoconference app to check that your image appears like a ‘news presenter’ (centred and easily visible)
  • limit background noise (consider minimising potential disruptions by pets/children)
  • have a phone nearby (on silent) in case there are any connection issues.

Using telerehabilitation in the home

For examples of using telerehabilitation, view patient stories and testimonials or view the videos below.

iPad set up in the patient’s home

The following video provides a simple guide to how you can prepare at home for Telerehabilitation.

Clinical examples

The following video demonstrates some of the ways your rehabilitation team can provide therapy in your own home.

Further information

For more information about telerehabilitation services: