Accessing telerehabilitation

There are two ways to access telerehabilitation:

Using a loan SA Health iPad

You can borrow an SA Health iPad for you and your carer to access rehabilitation services. These iPads have been enabled with a Telstra 4G sim card which will optimise mobile reception across the state, including most rural and remote areas. If you have access to sufficient internet capability at home, your local rehabilitation team may also assist you with connecting to health professionals through your home internet. Your usual internet service provider fees and charges apply.

At the end of your rehabilitation journey, your local rehabilitation team will facilitate the return of your loan iPad.

Bring your own device

If you prefer to use your own device, you will need a suitable home internet connection with sufficient data allowance for video calls, and one of the following devices:

  • a computer (Windows or Mac), with a webcam (built-in or plugged in), and a microphone (usually built into laptop computers and external webcams)
  • a tablet (Apple iPad or Android-based tablet)
  • a smartphone (Apple or Android operating systems), with a large enough screen to enable videoconferencing.

Please note that your usual internet service provider fees and charges apply.

Further information

For more information about telerehabilitation services: