COVID-19 vaccination: pregnancy, planning a family and breastfeeding at SALHN

Vaccination is the best way to reduce your risk of becoming seriously unwell with COVID-19.

Research from around the world has shown mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna, are safe and effective if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning a family.


Those who are pregnant and their unborn baby have a significantly higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 than non-pregnant people:

  • 5 times higher risk of requiring a hospital admission
  • 2-3 times higher risk of needing treatment in a hospital intensive care unit
  • 1.5 times higher chance of being born preterm or admission to a special care nursery.

If you are pregnant, you should discuss your COVID-19 vaccination with your health professional.

Planning a pregnancy

There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines have any impact on fertility.

If you are planning a pregnancy, you can safely receive an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, such as Pfizer or Moderna. You do not need to avoid becoming pregnant before or after vaccination.

Getting vaccinated before conceiving will give you some protection against COVID-19 throughout your pregnancy, depending on when you were vaccinated.


If you are breastfeeding, you can receive an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, such as Pfizer or Moderna, at any time. You do not need to stop breastfeeding before or after vaccination.

Several small studies have shown that the antibodies induced by the COVID-19 vaccine pass into breastmilk. This may provide your baby with some protection against COVID-19, however, there have not yet been any studies to confirm such protection.

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