Consumer initiated escalation of care (You’re worried, we’re listening)

“You’re worried, we’re listening” is the SA Health consumer initiated escalation message  to direct consumers and their families about how to escalate care if they are worried that either their condition or that of a loved one who is in hospital is deteriorating and staff are not responding.

Patients and their families/carers should be oriented to the "You’re worried, we’re listening” escalation process for the hospital prior to or on admission. They may also be provided with or directed to written information such as the “You’re worried, were listening” flier (PDF 214KB) or poster (PDF 397KB).

Expectations of staff

In responding to a consumer who has addressed their concerns, staff must:

  • listen carefully
  • re-assess
  • determine how to proceed
  • if clinical deterioration is found, escalate as per local procedures (e.g. Medical review or MER call or code blue), depending on the situation.

Consumers and their families know themselves and their loved ones best. There have been occasions in health care when consumers and families concerns have been overlooked resulting in a poor outcome. The “You’re worried, we’re listening” escalation process is another avenue for consumers and their families/cares to call for help if they are concerned. Evidence has demonstrated that the best outcomes are achieved when consumers and their families participate in their care. SA Health encourages partnership in care and “You’re worried, were listening” complements this partnership. 

“You’re worried, were listening” also supports SA Health’s Health Services to demonstrate actions 8.6 and 8.7 in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

To learn more about the Nation Standards see our National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards page.