SA Child and Adolescent Health Community of Practice

Principal Project Manager – Jayne Wilkie 

Contact via: phone (08) 8161 9288 or email

The statewide Child and Adolescent Health Community of Practice (CAHCoP) comprises of a team of health care clinicians from metropolitan and country health, working in child and adolescent health, who together with consumer representatives and Primary Health Networks are responsible for developing sustainable, high quality, equitable state wide services for children and adolescents in South Australia.

The CAHCoP is responsible for developing the priorities, standards and other related outcomes relevant to contemporary paediatric practice across South Australia.

The CAHCoP provides statewide governance for child and adolescent health services within South Australia; and continues to provide clinical leadership and involvement in the development and application of paediatric clinical standards, guidelines and protocols.

The CAHCoP is supported by a statewide Paediatric Clinical Practice Guideline Reference Group that provides clinical leadership in the development of SA Paediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines (SAPCPGs). The guidelines are available on the SA Paediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines web page and its web-based App ‘Practices Guidelines’.

The SAPCPGs are designed to assist clinicians with decisions about appropriate health care for children and young people aged 0 to 18 years (excluding neonatal conditions). The SAPCPGs are underpinned by evidence-based clinical practice principles, which take into account patient preferences and clinicians’ professional judgement.