Assisted reproductive treatment legislation

There is legislation which governs the practice and provision of assisted reproductive treatment (ART) in South Australia. The Minister for Health is responsible for overseeing this legislation.

The Act that governs the provision of assisted reproductive treatment is the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 1988, which operates in conjunction with the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Regulations 2010.

Other relevant legislation

Other legislation relevant to assisted reproductive treatment in South Australia includes the:

Legislation in other Australian jurisdictions

Legislation currently exists to govern ART in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, however the nature of the governance regimes in each of these states varies.

There is no Commonwealth legislation in respect of ART practice. States and territories without specific legislation rely on the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee accreditation scheme which sets standards for practice and requires compliance with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Ethical Guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology in clinical practice and research.

Further information

Further information relating to how treatment is regulated, see:

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