South Australian Psychotropic Drugs Committee (SAPDC)

The delivery of safe, quality health care is fundamental to the strategic directions of SA Health. The South Australia Psychotropic Drugs Committee (SAPDC) provides independent advice on rationale, use and practices related to pharmacological agents used in the treatment of psychiatric illness in South Australian health services and to professions prescribing psychotropic drugs, such as medical practitioners and nurse practitioners.

Find more information in the SAPDC Terms of Reference (PDF 92KB).

SAPDC’s role

The SAPDC will:

  • Provide expert advice on psychotropic drug use in health service delivery.
  • Review and provide recommendations on state-wide guidelines related to psychotropic drug use.
  • Provide advice about the listing and use of psychotropic drugs on the formulary.
  • Support the reduction of adverse medication events in mental health services.
  • Develop and review guidelines, protocols and procedures as appropriate.

SAPDC membership

Chaired by the Chief Psychiatrist Dr John Brayley, SAPDC members may be appointed in relation to their professional networks, expertise and knowledge and on recommendation by the Chairperson or SAPDC members.

Members will include the following individuals, professions or nominees:

  • Chief Psychiatrist (Chair)
  • Manager Safety, Quality and Risk, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist (Executive Officer)
  • Clinical Risk Manager, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist
  • Advanced Nurse Consultant, MH GP Shared Care, OCP
  • Chief Pharmacist or delegate
  • Chair of Mental Health Pharmacy Group
  • Psychiatrist(s) representing diversity of mental health services across Local Health Networks 
  • Nursing Director
  • Consumer representative
  • Carer representative
  • Academic
  • General Practitioner
  • Psycho-Geriatrician
  • Acute Medical Physician
  • Emergency Department Physician
  • Youth Mental Health Specialist
  • Technical expert as required.

Further information

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