Injection techniques

Good injection practice relies on accurate site selection using anatomical markers.

Five videos have been produced to assist in locating the four accepted intramuscular injection sites using anatomical markers as well as the Z track technique which should be used with all injection sites.

Mental health areas commonly use intramuscular injections for the administration of medication. The Central Adelaide Local Health Network Mental Health Directorate encourages the use of ventrogluteal and deltoid sites for intramuscular injection.

Consent is required from individual consumers to use the dorsogluteal site as it presents challenges for reliable intramuscular injection and potential side effects.

Intramuscular injection resources

Review into intramuscular injections

A review of intramuscular injection technique was conducted by the Central Adelaide Local Health Network Mental Health Directorate.

The review of the published literature identified that a lack of precision in site selection can result in the medication being deposited in fat tissue rather than muscle.

Z track track technique video

Ventrogluteal injection site video

Deltoid injection site video

Note: This technique is not applicable to vaccine administration.

Vastus Lateralis injection site video

Dorsogluteal injection site video