Yorke and Northern Local Health Network - Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) gives members of the public a legally enforceable right to access information held by the South Australian Government, subject to certain conditions.

Each of SA Health’s agencies operates separately for the purposes of Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. For general information, including where to apply and how documents can be accessed, see the Freedom of Information page.

There is a $37.50 FOI application fee, some requests have an additional processing charge. An FOI Officer will advise you of these charges once they receive your application and begin processing it. For more information on costs see the Freedom of Information page.

How to apply

When making an FOI application, you will need to provide enough information to enable the correct documents to be identified. If you are uncertain, it is recommended that you contact the relevant agency’s FOI Officer for assistance.
Advice about how you would like to access the documents should be included in your FOI application.

Applications can be made by:

A completed application should be forwarded to the relevant hospital or health service where the documents are located. (See contact information below.)

Fee payment is also made to the hospital or health service where the documents are located.

Contact information

Freedom of Information enquiries for documents at a Yorke and Northern LHN hospital or health service, can be made by contacting the relevant hospital or health centre.

Hospital contact numbers

Balaklava Soldiers' Memorial District Hospital
Phone: (08) 8862 1400

Booleroo Centre District Hospital and Health Services
Phone: (08) 8667 2211

Burra Hospital
Phone: (08) 8892 2300

Central Yorke Peninsula Hospital (Maitland)
Phone: (08) 8832 0100

Clare Hospital
Phone: (08) 8842 6500

Crystal Brook and District Hospital
Phone: (08) 8636 1100

Jamestown Hospital and Health Service
Phone: (08) 8664 1406

Laura and District Hospital
Phone: (08) 8663 3100

Orroroo and District Health Service
Phone: (08) 8658 1200

Peterborough Soldiers' Memorial Hospital and Health Service
Phone: (08) 8651 0400

Port Broughton and District Hospital and Health Service
Phone (08) 8635 2200

Port Pirie Regional Health Service
Phone: (08) 8638 4500

Riverton District Soldiers' Memorial Hospital
Phone: (08) 8847 2300

Snowtown Hospital
Phone: (08) 8865 0100

Southern Yorke Peninsula Health Service (Yorketown)
Phone: (08) 8852 1200

Wallaroo Hospital and Health Service (previously Northern Yorke Peninsula Health Service)
Phone: (08) 8823 0200

Health centre contact numbers

Gladstone Health Centre
Phone: (08) 8662 2158

Minlaton Health Service
Phone: (08) 8853 3500

Port Pirie GP Plus Centre
Phone: (08) 8638 1100

Environmental Health Centre
Phone: (08) 8638 4100

General enquiries

For general enquiries only, contact the Yorke and Northern Local Health Network Accredited FOI Officer

Phone: (08) 8823 0246
Email: Health.YNLHNFOI@sa.gov.au

Public FOIs requested in the past 12 months

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