Port Pirie Environmental Health Centre

The Port Pirie Environmental Health Centre (EHC) is a service of the Yorke and Northern Local Health Network that helps protect children from the harmful effects of lead in their environment. The environment  has a history of lead contamination resulting from more than 100 years of smelting in Port Pirie.

There is no 'safe' level of lead exposure and exposure should be reduced or prevented to keep blood lead levels as low as possible. Children and pregnant women are at most risk from lead. 

Lead Smart — Healthy Food

Children need a variety of good food to stay healthy and in Port Pirie children absorb less lead when they have a full stomach of healthy food.

Check out the Environmental Health Centre’s clip below to find out more.

More EHC videos are available on the Yorke and Northern YouTube channel.

Services offered

The Environmental Health Centre provides the following services to Port Pirie residents to monitor and assist in keeping blood lead levels as low as possible:

  • Blood monitoring services for all Port Pirie residents and at risk groups including:
    • women planning a pregnancy
    • pregnant women
    • babies and children (0-5 years)
  • Family and community support services

EHC works closely with families and children, provides services and programs in educational settings (i.e. kindergartens, child care providers) and with community groups in Port Pirie.

Family and community services provide support through:

  • Home and property assessments
  • Individualised education and information for clients
  • Assessments for early childhood centres e.g. kindergartens and childcares
  • Testing of soil, dust and paint for environmental lead contamination
  • Assistance with cleaning strategies and loan cleaning equipment

Equipment loan

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners are loaned to Port Pirie residents for such tasks as cleaning up after renovations.
  • Carpet shampoo machines and vacuum cleaners are available to loan for participants of the EHC program.

Opening hours

The Centre is open 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact us

Telephone: (08) 8638 4100
Fax: (08) 8638 4101

Address: 117 Gertrude Street Port Pirie South Australia

Confidential interpreting services from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are also available Telephone (08) 8226 1990.

About the Port Pirie Environmental Health Centre

The Centre was established in March 1984 for the Port Pirie community, to deliver the South Australian Government's Port Pirie Lead Implementation Program. This program is now a major component of the Targeted Lead Abatement Program (TLAP), which together with the Smelter Redevelopment project aims to achieve significant reductions in children's blood lead levels over the coming years. 

The Program's experienced staff provide a wide range of free family-friendly community services to help people understand the issues about lead, and assist the community to achieve an acceptable balance which safeguards the health of local residents, ensures the ongoing viability of one of the world's largest lead smelter, and promotes the sustainability of the City of Port Pirie.

Our mission

Every child needs a healthy start to life. Our aim is to improve children's health and wellbeing in Port Pirie by focussing on detection, prevention and intervention to reduce the impact of lead.

Further information

For further information on see the following pages or contact the Environmental Health Centre or SA Health's Scientific Services on (08) 8226 7100.

Services and lead information

For parents, families and caregivers

For gardeners, renovators and contractors

For recreational fishers