Admission and discharge at Port Lincoln Health Service


A bracelet identification band will be issued to you when you are admitted to hospital. This bracelet needs to be worn throughout your stay. Tell your doctor or a nurse of any allergies to antibiotics, medication or foods, as well as any medication you are taking at home.

An admissions pack will be given to surgical patients outlining the preparation they need to follow. Surgical patients will be seen by the surgical team which may include a registrar and intern. Patients in the Medical Unit and High Dependency will be cared for by physicians, staff medical officers, registrars and interns.

Personal effects and valuables

Patients should not bring any valuables or money with them, other than a small amount for newspapers or magazines. If you must bring valuables, ask the registered nurse in charge to arrange for their safekeeping and a receipt will be given. Because of limited space, only jewellery and wallets/purses (with money and contents) are classified as ‘valuables for safekeeping’.

The hospital cannot accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any property you choose to keep at your bedside.

Do not forget to collect your valuables before you leave. Valuables locked in the safe in the Finance Department cannot be accessed after hours or on weekends.


Patients are usually discharged in the morning by 11.00 am. Please arrange your own transport from hospital regardless of how you arrived.

Prior to discharge, please ensure you have received prescriptions for medications, and information for follow up arrangements.

Patients and/or carers need to make sure they clearly understand all instructions.