Neurology outpatient service in CALHN

The Central Adelaide Neurology Service provides inpatient and outpatient services for patients living in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) area who suffer from neurological disorders involving the central and peripheral nervous system.

Appointment location

Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)

Outpatient Department, Level 5E.1
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Port Road SA 5000

RAH hospital map

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)

Outpatient Department, Area 2, Area 4
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
28 Woodville Road, Woodville SA 5011

TQEH map (PDF 341KB)

RAH Consultants

  • A/Prof Jim Jannes – Head of Unit
  • Dr Deborah Field
  • Dr Roula Ghaoui
  • Dr Jessica Hafner
  • Dr Michelle Kiley
  • A/Prof Thomas Kimber
  • A/Prof Timothy Kleinig
  • Dr Christopher Kneebone
  • Dr Craig Kurunawai
  • Dr Sharavanan Parasivam
  • Dr Janakan Ravindran
  • Dr Martin Robinson
  • Dr Joshua Mahadevan
  • Dr Edmund Cheong

TQEH Consultants

  • A/Prof Jim Jannes – Head of Unit
  • Dr Roula Ghaoui
  • Dr Jessica Hafner
  • Prof Simon Koblar
  • Dr Craig Kurunawai
  • Dr Martin Robinson
  • Dr Cathy Short
  • Dr Aaron Tan
  • Dr Joshua Mahadevan
  • Dr Edmund Cheong

Clinic Schedules

GP information

Refer your patient

Fax referral to us 
RAH Fax:  (08) 7074 6247
TQEH Fax: (08) 8222 7188

We accept GP and specialist referrals to this service.

All referrals are triaged by the service according to clinical urgency. Patients who are unstable and requiring immediate assessment should be sent directly to the Emergency and Trauma Centre.

To refer your patient, firstly check the referral criteria below, then if suitable, follow the outpatient service information, triage and referral guidelines, complete and fax a referral to us. For urgent referrals, also contact the registrar on call to discuss the case. Our registrars are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

General exclusions

Please note the following general exclusions to CALHN Neurology and Stroke outpatient services:

  • Patients under 18 years of age (refer to paediatric neurologist at the (Women’s and Children’s Hospital)
  • Patients already being assessed/treated for the same condition at another South Australian public hospital
  • Patients seeking assessment as part of an active Work Cover claim (refer to private neurologist)
  • Elderly patients requiring assessment/treatment of multiple complex medical problems (refer to Geriatric Medicine)
  • Patients requiring assessment/treatment of sleep disorders, including narcolepsy (refer to Respiratory/Sleep Medicine)
  • Patients requiring assessment/treatment for back or neck pain without focal neurological deficits and/or normal imaging (refer to Spinal Clinic or Pain Management Unit)
  • Patients requiring assessment/treatment for complex/longstanding pain disorders (refer to Chronic Pain Unit)
  • Patients requiring assessment/treatment for non-specific symptoms—such as feeling lightheaded, tingling or poor concentration—which may not necessarily be neurological in origin (consider referral to general physician if work up in primary care setting does not clarify things)

** If you are unsure which specialty clinic your patient requires, please refer to General Neurology and we will access you referral and redirect as needed.

To ensure appropriate and timely triage, include all demographic and clinical details as well as relevant investigation results.

If you are concerned about any delay of the appointment or if there is any deterioration in your patient’s condition, contact the Registrar on-call via the hospitals' switchboard telephone: (08) 7074 0000 (RAH) or (08) 8222 6000 (TQEH).

Specialist Services referral criteria

To allow us to prioritise patients who most need our specialist services, referrals are assessed against these inclusion and exclusion criteria prior to being accepted. Please review these criteria prior to submitting your referral .

To make a referral


Fax: (08) 7074 6247

Telephone: 1300 153 853


Fax: (08) 8222 7188

Telephone: (08) 8222 7020

Alternate care options

Many private neurologists in South Australia offer reduced fees for patients in financial hardship. Please consider private referral if your patient requires non-urgent neurological review or does not meet our strict triage criteria. Public outpatient waiting lists are frequently prohibitively long for these issues. This is due to the high demand for our services and the need to prioritise urgent cases.

Health Pathways

Health Pathways South Australia is an online portal designed to be used by general practice at the point of care to guide best practice assessment, management and referral of common clinical conditions.

Patient information

How to access this clinic

Referral from your general practitioner (GP)

You need a referral letter from your GP or medical practitioner to access this service.

Your doctor will need to fax your referral letter to us. We will be in contact with you within clinically recommended times, depending on waiting list length. If there is no waiting list, you will receive an appointment booking letter or we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Information sheets

Please refer to the information sheets below for information regarding the outpatient service.

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