Car parking and transport at Modbury Hospital

Car parking

Car parking services

NALHN Car Parking Services are responsible for the management of car parking access for employees and the general public at Modbury Hospital.

Car parking office hours

The car parking office hours of the Modbury Hospital are 9.30 am – 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Car parking officer/fleet coordinator

To speak with the hospital car park office, contact:

Phone: 08 8161 2448 (Mon-Fri)

Car parking rates

Car parking is available on-site and rates are outlined on the Car Parking Fees At Metropolitan Hospitals page.

Free short-term drop off/pick up areas are available at the entrance to the hospital.

What if I can’t understand the car parking system or I’m having technical difficulties with the machine or gates?

Car parking officers, located on site, can help you during office hours if you are having trouble with the ticket payment machines or with the boom gates. The ticket machines have a help button that you can press to talk to a person in the central control area. They can assist you with the machine and boom gates.

What payment options are available?

The ticket machine accepts cash (coins and notes), credit cards and EFTPOS.

What if the car park is full and I can’t find a park?

If you enter the car park and can’t find a park, you have a short term “grace period” from entering to exit the car park without being charged.

Can I park on the streets surrounding the hospital?

Parking on the street is often patrolled by local council car parking officers and you may be fined if you park there for longer than allowed. Read the street signs carefully before you park there.

Car parking at the Emergency Department

If you drive yourself to the Emergency Department and you are admitted to a ward for a longer stay, you will not have to pay for parking. However, you must notify the Emergency Department Reception staff before leaving the hospital to enable them to verify your stay at the hospital.

Car parking for people with disabilities

Accessible parking for people with state government issued Disability Parking Permits is available.  The Disability Parking Permit must always be displayed when parking in these locations.

Where there are time restricted car parks on hospital sites, people with a state government issued Disability Parking Permit will be allowed double the car parking time than usual before penalties apply.

For example:

  • for our pick-up and drop-off parks (with signs indicating a time limit of 10 minutes) – 20 minutes if a Disability Parking Permit is displayed.
  • for our Emergency set-down parks (with signs indicating a time limit of 1 hour) – 2 hours if a Disability Parking Permit is displayed.

As there are no time limits within the general car parks, people with a Disability Parking Permit will be charged at the normal rates in those areas.

NB: Please check car parking signage whenever you drop off, pick up or park at the Modbury Hospital.


The following exemptions apply:

  • short-term drop-off at the entrance to hospital.
  • patients, or parents or carers of a baby/young child patient, who are required to attend the hospital for clinical reasons at least once a week for a period of four (4) consecutive weeks.
  • volunteers approved by the Health facility manager (or delegate).  
  • bicycle parking in designated locations (this does not include motorcycles).  

Please note other patients/relatives or carers may be eligible for car parking exemption, subject to the approval of the Health facility manager (or delegate).

For more information on car parking fees and exemptions, contact the car parking officer on 08 8161 2448 or email:


Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) gold card holders will need to pay for parking but can get their costs reimbursed from the DVA by submitting a claim.

DVA white card holders will need to pay for parking but can claim a reimbursement from the DVA for any costs that relate to treatment of their relevant condition.

Expiation notices

To pay an expiation notice, payment can be made at the following locations:


Bus services

The hospital is highly accessible by bus and is a 10-minute walk to the Tea Tree Plaza Interchange and O-Bahn. Several dedicated bus stops are located on Smart Road outside the hospital and are serviced by several bus routes.

  • Bus Stop 42A, Smart Road, (both northern and southern side of the road)
  • Bus Stop 42, Reservoir Road (both eastern and western side of the road)

For up to date information about local bus services and bus timetables, please visit the Adelaide Metro website.

Taxi services

A free telephone is available at the enquiries counter between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm to call for taxis.

Ambulance services

If patients are transported to or from hospital by ambulance, or between hospitals at their request, they will be responsible for payments of any SA Ambulance Service accounts for transport.

Transport home

Patients can only leave hospital by ambulance if it is medically indicated. Please plan ahead and make private arrangements for your trip home, if you are well enough to travel by car or public transport. The Red Cross may be able to help patients who are registered with the Red Cross transport service.

All babies travelling home by car must travel in a fitted car seat or capsule. Local taxis can provide a cab with a capsule if ordered in advance for those who require it.

Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS)

The Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) provides some financial reimbursement to eligible country patients and approved escorts for the cost of travel and accommodation. PATS may be available if you need to travel more than 100 kilometres each way to receive specialist medical treatment that is not available at your nearest hospital or health service.

For more information about PATS or to discuss eligibility and how the scheme works, contact your local hospital or health service. Or telephone the Adelaide Central Office: 1300 341 684 or the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) website.