Accounts and Charges at Modbury Hospital

If there is an account to pay, it will be sent to you after your discharge from hospital. Ask the nursing staff to arrange a Finance Department staff member to visit you if you wish to discuss payment of your account while in hospital.

Public patients

No fees apply for patients admitted to the hospital as a public patient.

Private patients

You can elect to be treated as a private patient at Modbury Hospital.  As a private patient in a public hospital you will enjoy a number of benefits and help your hospital.

How will you benefit?

By electing to be admitted as a private patient you will enjoy the advantages of:

  • No private health insurance co-payments or excesses
  • you will have access to a single room in our hospital if one is available and you have         single room health cover
  • choice of doctor (if available)

How you will help the hospital and community

We provide all patients with the highest possible quality and standard of care. The income we receive from your health fund helps to improve hospital facilities, update equipment and provide staff education and training.

Choice of doctor

As a private patient you are able to choose your doctor(s) provided that the doctor has Rights of Private Practice at this hospital, and is available. Where your doctor of choice is unavailable, you can still experience a private stay in our hospital and be treated by the doctor on duty.

How will you be affected financially?

If you have hospital cover, your health fund should cover the costs associated with your accommodation and prostheses charges.

Medicare and your health fund will cover 100% of medical service fees if your doctor charges the scheduled fee or participates in a Gap Cover Scheme with your health fund.

Medical service fees are fees that may be charged by your doctor, surgeon, anaesthetist and/or pathology or radiology departments.

Accounts made easy

The hospital will lodge all of your claims to Medicare and your health fund on your behalf (where possible). Once hospital accounts are paid, you will receive a patient claim statement from your health fund providing details of all charges paid.

The importance of confirming your level of health fund cover

Our hospital representative can confirm your level of health fund cover and let you know whether you are covered for your hospital stay. Please ask our hospital representative if you have any questions relating to your health fund cover or costs relating to your admission.

Can I still be a private patient if I don’t have private health insurance?

Yes, if you do not have private health insurance, you can still elect to be a private patient. As a self-funded patient you will be responsible for meeting any costs incurred during your hospital stay that are not covered by Medicare.

How do you elect to be a private patient?

Hospital staff are available to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to be admitted as a private patient please let our staff know.

A hospital representative will assist you to complete the necessary forms and help you make an informed choice to be admitted as a private patient.

All you need to do is provide:

  • Your Medicare details
  • Your private health fund details (if applicable)

Our hospital representative can be contacted on:

Phone: 08 8161 2649, pager 40068 Monday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm and Tuesday to Friday between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

Download the Modbury Hospital - private patients information brochure (PDF 101KB) (printable).

Thank you for supporting our hospital.