Older people's services

South Australians are living longer and by and large healthier lives. However as we age, it is inevitable that we will at some stage become ill, which can lead to disability and sickness. 

SA Health provides a range of special services to help older adults recover from their illnesses and return to health. 

Alternatively, when the burden of illness is too great, comfort and dignity can be assured (through palliative care) when life comes to its natural conclusion.

Keeping well 

Old age should not be viewed as an inevitable decline into illness and debility. This section provides information about how it is possible to age healthily. 'Life, be in it' does not stop at 65! 

Supporting your independence

Learn about the services SA Health provides to help older people recover from an illness and regain their independence, function and wellbeing.

Primary health concerns

Primary health care services, such as GP Plus clinics, play a key role in providing health and lifestyle education and illness prevention. They also help to promote mobility and independence to support older people living socially connected lives.

Aboriginal health 

There is an ongoing challenge to ensure health services are responsive to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a lifespan that is up to 17 years shorter than other Australians.  

It is sometimes appropriate to plan and deliver a range of special services designed to help older adults to Aboriginal people as young as 50 years in order to ensure that they receive equitable services consistent with their needs. 

SA Health is working in partnership with Aboriginal people (including elders) and key agencies to strengthen the health system’s ability to ensure respectful and culturally safe care to older Aboriginal people.

Hospital services

Older people are frequent users of South Australia’s acute hospitals. Acute care hospitals are an important safe guard for older Australians, because as we age we are prone to serious illness. 

We are committed to providing the best services and care to older patients. Find out about our key priority areas for improving the care we provide to older people in hospital.

Power Dependency

If you or someone you care for uses electricity-reliant medical equipment in the home, developing an action plan for power outages is essential.