Resources for disability service staff/providers

Annual health assessments

SA Intellectual Disability Health Service (SAIDHS) promotes the need for a comprehensive annual health assessment for people with an intellectual disability to support health screening, health promotion and identify unmet health needs. The Comprehensive Health Assessment Programme (CHAP), is a validated tool completed in partnership with the person with intellectual disability, key support people and a GP.

My Health Information (for when I go to hospital)

The My Health Information (for when I go to hospital) document has been designed in South Australia to improve the experience of going to hospital for people with intellectual disability. The document is written in Easy Read and designed to be completed by a person with intellectual disability with the support of someone they trust and know well, such as a family member, carer or guardian. It is designed to support people with intellectual disability communicate to hospital staff:

  • things they must know about them
  • things that are important to them
  • their likes and dislikes.

Complete the My Health Information for when I go to hospital (PDF 1.13MB) document with the person you are supporting prior to their hospital care.

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