Home Dialysis Electricity Concession

An electricity concession is available for eligible people with kidney disease that receive dialysis treatment at home.

People receiving at home dialysis treatment can receive $274.85 annually to contribute to the running cost of their equipment at home.

Eligibility for concession

Any person undergoing dialysis treatment at home is eligible provided that the concession has been approved by a SA Health Practitioner.

The electricity concession complements existing concessions administered by the Government of South Australia and the Australian Government for the use of medical equipment at home.

How to apply

Applications for the electricity concession can be made through the renal unit where you receive treatment.

To apply for the concession you will need to fill out a Home Dialysis Concession Claim Form (DOC 340KB) available from your renal unit.

The claim form will need to be completed by you and your SA Health Practitioner and returned to your renal unit for processing.

For further information, please speak to your SA Health Practitioner or refer to the Home Dialysis Electricity Concession brochure (PDF 107KB).

Benefits of home dialysis

If you currently have dialysis treatment in public hospital or dialysis centre, home dialysis is an alternative treatment option that can provide you with more independence and flexibility.

You will no longer have to plan activities around pre-determined appointments and can receive treatment in the comfort of your own home.