Arbovirus and mosquito monitoring reports

SA Health is the lead control agency in South Australia for human disease epidemics, including outbreaks of serious human arboviral disease. SA Health works collaboratively with local councils (as relevant public health authorities for their areas) to support arbovirus prevention and mosquito surveillance and control programs within their areas.

Current hierarchy of response level 3 - High (December 2022)

On 7 March 2022 SA Health raised the mosquito-borne disease threat level to 3 (high) in South Australia. This was because an increase in cases of acute encephalitis had been identified in the past month and flavivirus was strongly suspected as the cause.

Monthly SA arbovirus and mosquito reports

The SA arbovirus and mosquito reports summarise the most recent available data to inform the current level of risk of mosquito-borne disease in SA. The reports detail:

  • mosquito abundance at trapping sites
  • arbovirus disease notifications
  • arboviral detections in mosquitoes and sentinel chicken flocks
  • meteorological data relevant to mosquito abundance.

Monthly reports

Graded response

The data contained within the monthly reports determines the appropriate graded response in accordance with the SA Arbovirus Coordinated Control and Operations Plan (PDF 378KB) hierarchy of response. The Plan provides for the management of risks related to mosquito borne disease in SA. The hierarchy of response is dependent upon on-going data and trends identified by surveillance activities, weather forecasting and disease notifications. 

Annual reports

The South Australian Arbovirus and Mosquito Monitoring and Control Annual Report for the 2021-2022 season (PDF 1.7MB) summarises mosquito-borne disease notification data from South Australia, as well as the various mosquito surveillance and control activities undertaken by the Department for Health and Wellbeing and local health authorities across the state.

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