Butchers and food safety

In South Australia, as primary producers butchers are required to comply with the Meat Food Safety Scheme which is administered by Biosecurity SA, Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).

Butchers also have obligations under the Food Act particularly at the point of retail sale for food to be safe and suitable. As with any food business butchers are required to comply with food labelling standards. Where food is sold in packages or packaged in the presence of the customer, butchers must be able to inform customers of food safety information including:

  • ingredients
  • nutritional information
  • presence of allergens 
  • storage advice
  • shelf life advice.

Any other food sold in a butchers shop is captured with the Food Act 2001 and must comply.

Meat Food Safety Scheme

The Meat Food Safety Scheme specifies the food safety arrangements that meat businesses must comply with, including:

  • standards
  • codes
  • guidelines.

Food safety arrangement

A food safety arrangement outlines the minimum hygiene requirements, including a food safety program, specific to a business. Food safety arrangements exist for all meat processing and handling businesses.

Further information

For further information, contact the Meat Hygiene Unit at Biosecurity SA.