Pesticides regulations and licence applications

Below is a list of licences issued by the Department for Health and Wellbeing under the Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations.

See the controlled substances governance and licensing page for detailed information on:

  • guidelines and codes of practice
  • fee payment
  • contact information.

How to apply

All medicines and poisons licences are to be applied for on the Medicines and Poisons Licence Applications page. These include:

  • Schedule 2 Medicine Seller’s Licence
  • Schedule 7 Retail Seller’s Licence
  • Licence to Possess, Supply and/or Administer a Schedule 4 Prescription Drug and/or a Schedule 8 Controlled Drug
  • Licence to Possess a Regulation 25 Poison
  • Manufacturer’s Licence
  • Wholesaler’s Licence

All Research, Instruction, Training or Analysis Permits and Authority to Prescribe Regulation 19 Drugs can be applied for on the Research Permit or Reg 19 Authority Applications page.

All requests for amendment to an existing Medicines or Poisons Licence, Research Permit or Regulation 19 Authority can be applied for on the Amendment Applications page.

Information sheets

Print ready documents

The documents on this page are able to be downloaded and sent to a professional printer. These documents should be set up ready for print. The Printing Instructions (PDF 261KB) will help guide you to be able to print the materials in a similar way to what they are provided by SA Health.