Pandemic arrangement

As outlined in the South Australian Emergency Management Act 2004, SA Health is the Hazard Leader for human disease and control agency for human epidemics, food and waterborne diseases.

The Public Health Act 2011 also provides legislative and administrative powers in the event of a human disease outbreak.

Viral Respiratory Disease Pandemic Response Plan (including COVID-19, influenza, SARS & MERS)

The SA Health Viral Respiratory Disease Pandemic Response Plan (PDF 341KB) provides a strategic outline of the South Australian Government and SA Health’s response to a viral respiratory disease pandemic in Australia, and describes the high level decisions and broad approach the South Australian Government and health sector will take to respond to the pandemic.

The aim of the plan is to minimise the consequences of a viral respiratory disease pandemic on the South Australian health system, community and economy.

The plan provides the platform to manage a disease outbreak but allows for flexibility in its application according to the severity and transmissibility of the particular disease outbreak. Its intention is to inform health care workers, government agencies and the community and contains a series of Sub-Plans below, relating to specific topic areas and is consistent with the Australian Government’s Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza, the SA Health Human Disease Hazard Plan and the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sub plans under review

The following sub plans are currently under review and will be available when the review phase has been completed:

  • Antiviral Distribution sub plan
  • Strategic Communications sub plan
  • Community Flu Clinic sub plan
  • Infection Control sub plan
  • Mental Health sub plan
  • Primary Care Management sub plan
  • South Australian Laboratory sub plan
  • Surveillance sub plan
  • Patient Transport, SA Ambulance Service sub plan
  • Vaccination sub plan
  • Workforce Services sub plan

Further information

For further information on planning for pandemic influenza, contact the Disaster Management Branch:

Telephone: (08) 7425 5932 during business hours
Address: Level 2, Citi Centre Building, Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide 5000.