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We all know mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but some can spread serious diseases when they bite.

The Fight the Bite resources below explain how to protect yourself and your family from mosquito-borne disease.

Brochures and posters

More information on protecting yourself, your family and your community is available below:

Digital resources

Radio advertisements

English Transcript

Sound effects: Boxing crowd

Sound effects: Ding ding!

Voice over: Every year, people get hit by serious diseases caught from mozzie bites.

Sound effects: Punching.

Sound effects: Ouch!

Voice over: Mozzies may be small, but they can still be dangerous. Even deadly.

Sound effects: Punch

Sound effects: Crowd groans.

Voice over: So protect yourself by covering up with long, loose clothing...

Sound effects: Punch/Cheer

Voice over: ...using insect repellant...

Sound effects: Punch/Cheer

Voice over: ... and eliminating the water mozzies breed in.

Sound effects: Punch/Cheer

Voice over: Fight the Bite. Cover up. Repel. Eliminate.

For more information visit or call your local council.

A message from the government of South Australia.

Pitjantjatjara Transcript

Year tjuta anagu tjuta kiwnyingku pika pulka mulapa patjara ungkupai

Kiwinyi panya kulunypa, palu patjara pika ungku pai kura mulapa

Kanku atunymara ulytja wara-tjara para ngarama puntu anaja tjurikula

Munu spray ngka. Spray milanma. Spray milanma miri

Kiwiyingku ka-pi ngka ngura tjunkupai munu kiwinyi iti tjuta tjunkupa ka tjutari-ngkupai.

Pungkula pitumilanma ulytja warangka tjarpara puntu tjutura spray-ngka spray-milanma munu pitumilanma.

Tjukurpa pulkara kulintjikitjangku nyawa S.A uu wangka nyuntu mpa local health service ngka or community council pangka

Tjukurpa nyangatja SA languru