Tips to make your home safe from button batteries

  • Search your home for button batteries - they may be in items you didn’t even know contain batteries.
  • Wherever possible, choose products that use safer alternative power sources enclosed batteries (USB rechargeable) or powered by alternative power sources or larger batteries that are harder to swallow.
  • Purchase spare button batteries in child-resistant packaging.
  • Talk to children about the dangers of button batteries and encourage them to not be frightened to tell parents, grandparents or carers if they think they might have accidentally swallowed one or have seen their siblings swallow a battery.
  • Follow the quick button battery safety checklist

Being safe around button batteries

Where products use button batteries there are 4 easy ways you can help prevent button battery injuries

Button battery awareness icons

  1. Look for items with button batteries
  2. Keep these items and all spare or flat batteries out of the reach of children
  3. Make sure the battery compartment is securely and tightly shut
  4. Dispose of used batteries immediately and safely

Disposing of batteries safely

  • Never dispose of batteries in general waste or recycling bins.
  • Cover used battery terminals with clear sticky tape, button batteries should be covered in clear tape on all sides. This reduces the risk of terminals touching, which is a fire hazard. It also makes button batteries less likely to be swallowed or inserted by young children, and reduces the severity of injuries.
  • Take used batteries to a B-cycle accredited Drop-off point.

Common household items that use button batteries

Button batteries are found in common household items such as:

  • watches
  • car keyless entry fobs
  • digital thermometers
  • calculators
  • keyring lasers, torches
  • musical greeting cards
  • children’s talking books
  • any type of remote control (TV, garage, car)
  • cameras, phones
  • kitchen scales, bathroom scales
  • hearing aids
  • games/toys, novelties
  • light up flashing clothing, shoes and jewellery
  • imitation light-up candles

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