TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 AU Training

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS ®) is an evidence-based program designed to improve teamwork and communication leading to a culture of continuous improvement and patient safety.

TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 AU training is available for clinical and administrative staff in SA Health and accessed via the Digital Media e-Learning site

Training components

The training components include:

7 foundation courses:

  • Introduction: encourages thinking about your role and that of your team in how you communicate and collaborate with patients and your colleagues to provide excellent care.
  • Team structure: builds on the information in the TeamSTEPPS® introduction course, and assists you in becoming clearer about the structure and role of the team you work in.
  • Communication: discusses standards of effective communication and presents information on strategies and tools to enhance communication among team members.
  • Leading teams: considers the characteristics of effective leaders and the importance of role modelling behaviours and presents tools specific to leading teams.
  • Situation monitoring: discusses how to identify relevant information to enhance situation awareness and create shared mental models.
  • Mutual support: discusses how to cultivate and maintain mutual support and address conflict when it arises.
  • Decision making: presents information on the factors that contribute to effective and safe decision making in healthcare. These include knowledge and experience, critical thinking, research, collaboration with colleagues and discussions with the patient.

4 quality improvement courses:

  •  Change management: guides how to prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and outcomes.
  • Coaching: discusses how to develop and implement new skills as an effective TeamSTEPPS® coach.
  • Measurement: presents information and guidance on how to evaluate the effectiveness of TeamSTEPPS® and introduces the measurement tools needed for evaluation.
  • Implementation: provides guidance on developing the Organisational Implementation Plan that supports local quality improvement interventions.


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