Termination of pregnancy

Policy for termination of pregnancy

SA Health has developed a Termination of Pregnancy Policy (PDF 650KB) that outlines the mandated requirements for all SA Health employees and contracted staff in line with the Termination of Pregnancy Act 2021 and Termination of Pregnancy Regulations 2022. The Policy includes mandatory instructions in relation to access, conscientious objection and mandatory reporting.

Conscientious objection

Healthcare practitioners with a conscientious objection must give a brochure to people seeking a termination

"How do I access an abortion in SA” consumer brochure (PDF 228KB) MUST be given to the pregnant person seeking a termination of pregnancy from a healthcare practitioner with a conscientious objection. It should also be offered to any pregnant person seeking a termination of pregnancy to meet the requirements of provision of access options information, including access to publicly-funded counselling services. 


All terminations of pregnancy must be reported to the Chief Executive of the Department for Health and Wellbeing within 20 days of the end of the month, via the Pregnancy Outcome Unit, Preventive Health SA, using the Termination of Pregnancy Notification form.

Requests for access to the online portal or paper copies of the form and/or reply-paid envelopes need to be emailed to WellbeingSAPregnancyStats@sa.gov.au.

Perinatal Practice Guidelines

There are three (3) Perinatal Practice Guidelines that relate to termination of pregnancy:

Becoming an early medication abortion provider

If you are an Australian healthcare professional and would like to become a certified prescriber or dispenser of MS-2 Step (mifepristone, misoprostol) go to the Marie Stopes website for further information.

Helping with decisions about unplanned pregnancy

Pregnancy Advisory Centre has developed a collection of consumer fact sheets and resources to assist pregnant persons in their decision-making. 

Further information

For further information about services, contact the Pregnancy Advisory Centre on telephone (08) 7117 8999 between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.