Dr Brian Pridmore Perinatal Forum

Stillbirth – An evolving conversation (2019)

A forum reviewing the care of women and families impacted by the tragedy of stillbirth.

The 23rd annual Dr Brian Pridmore Forum presents ‘Stillbirth – An evolving conversation’, which was held on the evening of 28 August 2019 at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in South Australia.

This year’s presenters included:


Dr Aimee Wiltshire introduces the forum and presents the recommendations made by the Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Committee, which have been published in the annual report ‘Maternal and Perinatal Mortality in South Australia 2017’.

Dr Jane Warland

Major topics covered:

  • Altered fetal movements
  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Information given to women about fetal movements

Professor Jodie Dodd

Major topics covered:

  • Perinatal mortality rates
  • Stillbirth risk in twins
  • Induction of labour to prevent stillbirth

Dr Bevan Headley

Major topics covered:

  • ECG use in resuscitation
  • Emerging technologies – potential and limitations

Dr Jill Lipsett

Major topics covered:

  • Services offered by anatomical pathology
  • Autopsy process


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