Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Through the support of the South Australian Maternal, Neonatal and Gynaecology Community of Practice,  the South Australian Neonatal Medication Guidelines have been developed collaboratively with pharmacy, neonatal, retrieval and country health services from across the state.

These guidelines will enhance the clinical outcomes for neonates in South Australia by:

  • providing a consistent approach to neonatal medication prescribing, preparation and administration 
  • reducing the duplication of effort in the development of such medication guidelines by individual organisations 
  • contributing to best practice, to optimise patient safety and outcomes. 

The guidelines are supported by separate clinical practice guidelines, designed to enhance knowledge around specific issues unique to the administration of the medication to neonates. 

These guidelines replace guides published independently by MedSTAR Retrieval, Flinders Medical Centre and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

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