Patient identification

SA Health is committed to establishing and maintaining a uniform approach to Patient Identification across the public health care sector. In order to provide safe high quality care it is essential that we ensure the right care is provided to the right patient.

SA Health resources

SA Health has produced a policy and standard to establish a uniform approach to patient identification across the public health care sector.

National Safety and Quality Service Standard 6: Communicating for Safety

The NSQHS Standard 6: Communicating for Safety describes actions that need to be met for accreditation:

6.5 The health service organisation:

  • defines approved identifiers for patients according to best-practice guidelines
  • requires at least three approved identifiers on registration and admission; when care, medication, therapy and other services are provided; and when clinical handover, transfer or discharge documentation is generated

6.6 The health service organisation specifies the:

  • processes to correctly match patients to their care
  • information should be documented about the process of correctly matching patients to their intended care

The SA Health Accreditation Resource Standard 6: Communicating for Safety identifies the resources that are available to support each action.

See also the ACSQHC Specifications for a Standard Patient Identification Band and Ensuring Correct Patient, Correct Site, Correct Procedure Protocol.


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