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Consumers, carers, families and staff of SA Health are licensed to use the South Australian portal to the Choice and Medication© website resources, which hosts information about psychotropic medicines which are used to treat mental illnesses.

SA Health is committed to partnering with consumers in decisions about medications and ensuring that consumers, their carers and families have access to reliable and easy to understand information. We encourage active involvement of consumers in their own care, and advocate shared decision-making.

The information contained on the Choice and Medication© website should be viewed as a tool to facilitate discussion between consumers, their carers, families, doctors and other clinicians. The resources do not replace approved consumer medicines information leaflets, but can be used in conjunction with these to promote high quality patient care.

It is recommended to download resources each time of need, rather than printing or storing, to ensure the most current version is being used.

Re-distribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form outside of SA Health is strictly prohibited. This includes distribution or sharing of patient leaflets to interstate, international or external organisations or persons not covered under the SA Health licence.

Feedback may be provided to the Advanced Nurse Consultant MH GP Shared Care via email:


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Further information

For any further questions about medicines contact:

Medicines Information (SA Pharmacy)
Telephone: (08) 8161 7555 (weekdays 9.00 am to 5.00 pm).

In an emergency always call triple zero (000).