HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C community prescriber programs

HIV and hepatitis B

General practitioners and community-based medical practitioners may apply for authority to prescribe section 100 (S100) highly specialised drugs (HSD) for the treatment of people with HIV and/or hepatitis B (HBV) in a community setting.

How to become an S100 HSD prescriber

On behalf of SA Health, ASHM Health administers the S100 HSD accreditation process in South Australia. For more information about becoming a S100 prescriber visit the ASHM Health Prescriber Program webpage.

Hepatitis C

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) listing of direct acting antiviral medications for hepatitis C (HCV) under section 85 (General Schedule) means medical practitioners no longer need to be accredited under the section 100 HSD program to be eligible to prescribe.

For further information on treating HCV in the community, go to the Hepatitis C community prescribing page.

HIV and HBV prescribers in South Australia

To find an HIV or HBV medication prescriber in South Australia, visit the ASHM Health Find a Prescriber webpage.