Interactions with pharmaceutical, medical device and other therapeutic goods companies

SA Health is committed to ensuring that the relationship with the Therapeutics Goods Industry (Industry) is maintained to the highest professional standard so that patient care takes precedence and values of integrity, respect and accountability are upheld. 

The SA Health policy, Interaction between SA Health and the Therapeutic Goods Industry (PDF 180KB) outlines requirements for all SA Health Staff when interacting with Industry in areas such as sponsorships, payments, travel arrangements, gifts, consultancies, meetings and events. The policy also outlines the expectations of Industry when interacting with SA Health or any SA Health hospital/health service.

SA Health staff are also expected to abide by relevant codes of ethics and professional conduct. Codes of professional conduct relevant to specific health professions can be found on the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (APHRA) website.


Specific requirements regarding medicines samples (product starter packs) in South Australian public hospitals and health services are provided in the SA Health Directive on Samples (Product Starter Packs) (PDF 136KB). The policy provides that:

  • The acceptance of medicines samples by prescribers within SA Health is not permitted.  All samples should be received and dispensed/supplied by the relevant hospital Pharmacy Department or Pharmacy Service.
  • The provision and use of medicine samples not listed on the relevant hospital/health service formulary must be approved by the hospital/health service Drug and Therapeutics Committee.
  • Samples of medicines already listed on the hospital formulary require approval by the Director of Pharmacy before they may be used within that hospital/health service.

Medicines Access Programs

Specific requirements regarding participation in medicines access programs, including product familiarisation programs (PFPs) and Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) are provided in the SA Health Policy Directive, Medicines Access Programs (Expanded Access Programs and Product Familiarisation Programs).

Interactions with Suppliers

Specific requirements regarding interactions with suppliers of therapeutic goods are detailed in relevant SA Health Procurement policies.

Industry Representatives in attendance at SA public hospitals/health services

Industry representatives may attend SA public hospitals/health services by appointment only and must familiarise themselves with and abide by all hospital/health service policies, including the Directive on Interaction between SA Health and the Therapeutic Goods Industry (PDF 180KB).

In addition, Industry representatives attending SA public hospitals/health services must register with the hospital/health service and wear authorised identification and a ‘Visitors’ identification badge at all times. Details of how to obtain a visitor badge are below:

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Representatives are required to report to the Main Entrance, produce identification and sign-in. They are then issued with a visitor’s badge. Specific locations are:

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)  - Main Entrance (Admission Centre)
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) - Main Entrance (Reception)
  • Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre (HRC) - Main Entrance (Reception)
  • St Margaret's Rehabilitation Hospital (SMRH) - Main Entrance (Reception).

Women’s and Children’s Health Network

Representatives are required to report to the Security Office to sign in and collect a visitor's badge. First time visitors to the WCH from the Pharmaceutical Goods Industry must then report to the Pharmacy Administration Office where they will need to identify themselves, the company they represent, and the product they are promoting.

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network

Visiting industry representatives are required to present to the specified location of the hospital to sign the Visitor Register and collect a visitor badge prior to attending any appointments with hospital staff.

  • Flinders Medical Centre (FMC): Interpreter Coordinator Office, Northern Entrance
  • Noarlunga Hospital (NH): Enquiries Desk, Main Entrance.

Industry representatives must:

  • provide their name, contact phone number, company details, reason for attending the site, onsite staff contact and intended duration of visit on the Visitor Register
  • wear the provided visitor badge in a prominent place for the entirety of their visit to the site
  • establish directions to the appointment area in advance of the day, as staff overseeing the sign in/out register are not responsible for guiding or directing industry representatives to their appointments
  • return to the Visitor Register area at the conclusion of the appointment to return the visitor badge and sign out.

Other hospitals/health services

Details of how to obtain a visitor badge should be sought from the relevant hospital/health service as processes vary between sites.

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