Reporting required under any other act or regulation (FUNLHN Annual Report 2020-21)

Number of public complaints reported

Data sourced from the Safety Learning System (SLS), an application that enables all SA Health services to record, manage, investigate and analyse patient and worker incidents and consumer feedback. Note: some complaints have multiple classifications.

Reporting required under the Carers’ Recognition Act 2005

The Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network involves consumers, communities and carers in the planning, design and evaluation of our health services. We do this through (but not limited to) Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network Board Consumer and Community Engagement Committee, Health Advisory Councils, Community Network Register and with consumer representation on operational committees. Advocacy and advice is sought from specialist groups including our Aboriginal Experts by Experience panel, and representatives for Mental Health, aged care, child and youth care, disability and other groups.

Consumer feedback is actively sought about the services we provide. This data is collected and collated according to SA Health requirements and provided in full to staff and consumers as a tool for both staff and consumer driven service improvement.

The Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network has a staff orientation program which educates staff about the carers charter and other relevant consumer engagement strategies.

In January 2021, The Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network Governing Board approved the Consumer Engagement Strategic Framework. This process encompassed consultation with consumers, carers, lived experience groups, and other representative groups from across our region and has resulted in a Consumer and Community Strategic Engagement Framework which:

  • is endorsed by our consumers and staff
  • outlines unique and specific engagement techniques for our communities and vulnerable groups within our communities
  • enables further development of consumer and carer partnership approaches to health service provision, governance and evaluation
  • embodies our commitment to enabling measures such as human resourcing and training dedicated to consumer and carer engagement functions

Consumers and carers were also involved in the development of the Local Health Network’s Strategic Plan 2021-2026.