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All SA Health policies that are overdue for review remain in force and continue to be applicable until they are rescinded or updated, irrespective of their scheduled review date.


The Intergovernmental Relations Domain encompasses the areas of intergovernmental coordination and systems which facilitate SA Health’s interactions and relationships with the Commonwealth Government, other jurisdictions and SA Government central agencies.


The purpose of this Domain is to:

  • Ensure awareness of SA Health’s approach to managing intergovernmental relations and the mechanisms that support this.
  • Ensure a consistent system-wide approach to negotiating, monitoring and reporting on Commonwealth-State agreements.
  • Ensure a consistent system-wide approach to coordinating SA Health responses to state and Commonwealth inquiries.
  • Provide clarity about roles and responsibilities within SA Health in relation to intergovernmental relations processes and conduct.


  • We build and maintain effective working relationships and dialogue with the Commonwealth, other jurisdictions and South Australian central agencies to facilitate information sharing and cooperation on Commonwealth-State matters.
  • We support collaborative approaches to the provision of key strategic advice on matters of Commonwealth-State policy.
  • Our approach to intergovernmental relations is underpinned by trust and respect between governments.
  • We support coordination of communication for Commonwealth-State discussions.
  • We take a broad, system-wide view to the identification of emerging issues and challenges to the health system.


Executive Director Strategy and Intergovernment Relations