Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Together, let’s create better healthcare for South Australians

The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) provides leadership and advice on clinical excellence and innovation with a focus on maximising health outcomes for patients, improving care and safety, championing evidence-based practice and clinical innovation, and supporting collaboration.


Imagine a health system where people are truly at the centre. Imagine a health system where:

  • everyone has access to the latest evidence and data to make the best decisions
  • innovation is encouraged and it is safe to think big and try new things
  • no task is done in isolation but instead achieved through partnership and collaboration.

That’s why we’re here.


We want clinicians to have easy access to the insights, data and tools they need to provide the best care.

We want excellent health outcomes and experiences for consumers, their families and carers.

We want to support a culture of innovation that unlocks potential and connects people to turn ideas into action.

Let’s put imagination to work.

Further information

For more information, visit the Commission on Excellence and Innovation (CEIH) website.