Lower Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc.

The Lower Eyre Health Advisory Council Inc (Lower Eyre HAC) is a voluntary body that consults with the local community on health needs and priorities, provides advice based on community views to SA Health, and assists with providing information to the community about health and aged care services.

A major role of the Lower Eyre HAC is to discuss health issues, priorities, and needs within our community and advise and advocate on behalf of that community to the Eyre and Far North Local Health Service (EFNLHN), which owns and operates the local hospital, health and aged care services, and is part of SA Health.

These ideas are used in planning for new and improved services.

The Lower Eyre HAC also provides advice to the Minister for Health and Wellbeing and the EFNLHN Governing Board on matters that affect or are of interest to the local community.


The Lower Eyre Health Advisory Council can include:

  • Up to 8 community members
  • 1 local government nominee
  • 1 local member of Parliament or his or her nominee
  • 1 medical practitioner
  • A worker from EFNLHN

 Current membership

  • Presiding member – Milos Sulda
  • Local member of parliament – Pam Darling
  • Nominee of local government – Margie Fahy / Julie Elliott
  • Medical practitioner member – Vacant
  • Staff member – Vacant
  • Community representatives -
    • Liz Mickan
    • Lyn Snodgrass
    • Michelle Parker
    • Quinn Adams
    • Wendy Holman
    • Wendy Fitzgerald



Previous annual reports available from the SA Parliament website


Milos Sulda
Lower Eyre Health Advisory Council
C/- Cummins and District Memorial Hospital
21 Tumby Bay Road
Cummins SA 5631