Minister for Health and Wellbeing - Excellence in Public Health Awards

The winners of the 2019 Minister for Health and Wellbeing – Excellence in Public Health Awards have been announced in the following categories:

  • Metropolitan winner
  • Regional winner
  • Highly commended councils

Metropolitan winner

City of Playford for the Elizabeth Grove Placed Based Community Development Project.

The Elizabeth Grove Placed Based Community Development Project has made a positive contribution to community health and wellbeing, community pride, developed stronger community resilience, increased engagement between community, council and other stakeholders and developed sustainable relationships.

After a comprehensive community consultation and engagement phase, three initiatives were chosen by the community to improve health and wellbeing of families in Elizabeth Grove:

  • Secombe Sports Equipment – A range of equipment was selected with input from the community for a sports equipment library and is stored in three small bins at the Secombe Street Reserve available to anyone at any time. Community rules developed with the community to guide usage and help deter vandalism are displayed prominently.
  • Community Fruit Trees - Burgate Reserve was selected to plant five fruit trees as it is well-established with garden beds, large grass areas, a rotunda and play spaces. An adjacent housing village for older residents provides excellent passive surveillance and monitoring. Council’s Tree Services team worked with the Community Development team to facilitate the community planting day.
  • Laneway Safety - A laneway was chosen for placemaking artwork as an example of how appearance and community ownership can increase community pride, reduce anti-social behaviour and improve the sense of safety.  The laneway was chosen as it is a connector to Secombe St Reserve and it was identified by the community that the aesthetics of the laneway could be improved. A planning session and community paint day were held to create sport themed silhouettes and way-finding signage to promote Secombe Street Reserve.

Caroline Moylan, Acting Senior Manager Community Services, April Horn, Healthy Communities Project Officer and Mayor Glenn Docherty

Regional Winner

Mid Murray Council for the Fresh Frenzy Program

The Fresh Frenzy Program was developed from insights showing that local Mid Murray School children were consuming an unhealthy amount of packaged “wrapper foods” that are high in sugar, salt and fat.  This informed a clear need for improved education among school children about healthy eating habits and the need for behavioural change. The program was developed in partnership with a local dietician with the aim of creating sustainable, healthy school environments where nutritious snack food choices are everyday choices.

The program was delivered through a range of strategies including education, programs, environmental changes, policy awareness, promotion and meaningful engagement with the student’s regular role models (teachers, parents, carers).  As a result of participating in Fresh Frenzy, 67% of students reported eating healthier at school, while consuming half the number of wrapper foods when compared to behaviours at the start of the program.

The program delivery was simple enough for young children to gain understanding of basic food preparation, serving sizes and even how to interpret food labels for health information.

Fresh Frenzy was designed to be interactive, fun and also to get families and classmates involved. It also relied upon a peer leadership education model that saw older students sharing their learnings with younger students. Fresh Frenzy was so successful that multiple schools have chosen to include the program as part of their regular curriculum.

Mayor Dave Burgess and Dietician Ms Bianca Gazzola

Highly commended councils

The highly commended councils for the 2019 Minister for Health and Wellbeing – Excellence in Public Health Awards were:

  • City of Onkaparinga for their Hoarding and Squalor initiatives
  • City of Burnside for their Urban Forest Interactive Project
  • Wattle Range Council for their Celebrate Seniors October Program

Further information

For further information about the Awards please email or contact the Local Government Relations and Policy Team on 8226 7957.

2018 award winners

The winners of the 2018 Minister for Health and Wellbeing- Excellence in Public Health Awards have been announced in the following categories:

Regional winner

Barossa Council, Light Regional Council, Town of Gawler & Adelaide Plains Council for their Barossa, Light and Lower Northern Ageing in Style Expo Regional Roadshow.

The Ageing in Style (AIS) Expo improved access to up-to-date information about services and supports, including negotiating appropriate levels of care based on residents’ individual needs, and supporting them to stay independent, remain in their own home and stay connected to family and community rather than in residential care. Input from various stakeholders ensured region-specific content at each AIS Expo, supporting the promotion of services support and activities offered by local businesses, community groups and clubs.

The format of the AIS Expo was designed to ensure that information was taken to the people, even to smaller towns across the region, rather than holding one AIS Expo and expecting seniors to travel in from areas where there are limited public transport services.

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Metropolitan winner

Cities of Onkaparinga and Marion (with Resilient South partners) for the Heatwave Hypothetical Event: Feeling Hot Hot Hot! Dealing with Heatwaves in Southern Adelaide.

The Cities of Marion and Onkaparinga coordinated the Heatwave Hypothetical Event to engage community members in an interactive conversation about responding to the impacts of climate change, building community knowledge and capacity around responding to heat-waves, and fostering strong working relationships across organisations in southern Adelaide. Over 20 organisations were engaged in the planning and delivery of the event from across all levels of government, industry, research, education and community. Community members gained valuable information about how to reduce health risks from climate change and heatwaves. The professional networks established through this project will improve cross-sectoral collaboration and planning, ultimately resulting in better public health outcomes.

The resources and engagement tools developed for this event provide a unique model that can be replicated in other regions across South Australia and nationally.

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Highly commended councils

The highly commended councils for the 2018 Minister for Health and Wellbeing – Excellence in Public Health Award were:

  • Cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion and Salisbury - for the Inspiring Health Initiative
  • Wudinna District Council – for the Wudinna Memory Walk for Dementia

Further information

For more information about the awards, email or contact the Local Government Relations and Policy Team on (08) 8226 7957.

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Previous award winners

2017 award winners

Regional winner

Coorong District Council for their Coorong Healthy Highways initiative.

Coorong Healthy Highways has improved access to nutritious food at cafes, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and service stations across the Coorong District Council area . Twenty three healthier food and drink menus have been created including 80 new nutritious menu items . This has included:

  • adding vegetables and fruit
  • using wholegrain products
  • removing fried foods and sugar sweetened drinks
  • choosing healthy oils and cooking methods
  • using low fat dairy.

Coorong Healthy Highways has used a range of strategies including education through healthy menu training, marketing through merchandise such as postcards, tabletop menus and roadside banners and community events to build support with local residents as well as tourists passing through the area . A simple but popular website has also been developed which is well utilised by travellers and locals.

Winners of the Regional Minister for Health - Excellence in Public Health Award

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Metropolitan winner

City of Marion for their Jervois Street Reserve - Healthy Community Activation initiative.

The City of Marion recognised that there was a lack of open space and recreation opportunities in the South Plympton area and in partnership with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, the Rotary Club of Edwardstown and the community, created a reserve that caters for many types of recreation for the whole family. The reserve includes a:

  • pump track
  • courts
  • junior playground
  • fitness node
  • walking/rolling/riding track.

The block of unused land was transformed into a modern play area that encourages children to play and enjoy recreation in an attractive environment. The facilities reflect the needs of local residents who contributed to the design during extensive consultation. The community reach and impact of the reserve upgrade has surpassed expectations, with unprecedented numbers using the park.

Winners of the Metropolitan Minister for Health - Excellence in Public Health Award

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Highly Commended Councils

The Highly Commended Councils for the 2017 Minister for Health – Excellence in Public Health Award were:

  • City of Playford - the Seacombe Project
  • City of Onkaparinga - the Wellbeing and Resilience Project
  • Mid Murray Council- the Community Wellbeing program
  • District Council of Mount Barker - the Littlehampton & Blakiston Neighbourhood Plan

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2016 winners

Regional winner

Mid Murray Council

Mannum Football and Netball Club Healthy Eating Policy initiative

The Mid Murray Council worked together with the Mannum Football and Netball Club to implement changes that increase access to healthier choices through the development of the Mannum Football and Netball Club Healthy Eating Policy.

Through a series of strategies, including changes to the canteen structure, volunteer training, increased access to drinking water, policies for food provision and positive marketing campaigns, risk factors linked to preventable disease in Australia, such as physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and overweight and obesity, have been addressed.

The introduction of the policy meant that healthy food and drink choices were more accessible. It has also increased canteen profits by 30 percent, increased evening meal numbers, increased membership, further funding support from state and local funding bodies, improved player performance and improved the partnership between the football and netball clubs.

Regional winner - Excellence in Public Health Awards 2016 - Mid Murray Council

Metropolitan winner

The City of Onkaparinga

Regional Public Health Plan and Priorities initiatives

The City of Onkaparinga demonstrated leadership and innovation in creating environments and delivering services for community health, wellbeing and prosperity, and delivered public health outcomes including:

  • Healthy Active Lifestyle Onkaparinga (HALO) program, with 26,731 people involved in 1,327 activities during 2015
  • The innovative Ministry of Food initiative, in partnership with Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia and Colonnades Shopping Centre
  • Planning and adopting the Resilient South Climate Change Adaptation Plan, including actions relating to ten adaptation pathways. Resilient South is now in its implementation phase.

Metropolitan winner - Excellence in Public Health Awards 2016 - City of Onkaparinga

Highly commended

City of Playford

Food Security and Health Eating in Playford: a nutritional review of the Playford Food Cooperatives.

City of Charles Sturt

Broad range of public health initiatives.

Alexandrina Council

Obesity prevention and lifestyle initiatives.

The Barossa Council

Barossa Cycle Hub.

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