Disasters And Mental Health Support For Service Providers

Whether you are a first responder, service provider, volunteer, local business owner, or employer – everyone plays a role in supporting the community to recover after a disaster.

This site provides access to mental health information to assist with supporting people and communities at risk of, or affected by, disasters. It aims to ensure services and communities are well prepared and understand how to access mental health supports quickly.

Mental Health Impacts Of Disasters

It is common for people to experience stress and grief after a disaster.

Sometimes, the impact is obvious straight away, but often it's a slow process and can have a long term impact on someone’s mental health.

There can also be other impacts on people and communities, including:

  • loss of loved ones
  • financial stress
  • social isolation
  • relationship difficulties
  • displacement
  • loss of possessions
  • impact on employment, business and livelihood.