Mid Eyre Medical Practice, Elliston

Contact details


Mid Eyre Medical Practice Elliston

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (by appointment)


Appointments are available by phoning reception during office hours

Fees and Billing

Full payment is required on the day of consult and includes a gap payment (Medicare reimbursement can be made on the same day).

Children under 16 and holders of a current health care or pension card will be bulk billed.

Medical reports and heavy duty driver’s licences will be billed according to the complexity of the report.

After hours and emergency care

After hours and emergency care is available through the Elliston Hospital. Please call (08) 8687 9001 if you require urgent after hours medical treatment, or phone 000 for an ambulance.

Non-urgent after hours medical advice is available from Healthdirect Australia helpline: 1800 022 222

Consumer feedback

We value feedback from patients and take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously.

Country Health SA consumer feedback forms are available in the waiting room or on request.

Complaints can also be made through the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner.