Ex-service organisations

South Australia has a number of organisations set up to support veterans which are referred to as Ex-Service Organisations.

Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans Association (APPVA)

The APPVA provides assistance with welfare entitlements, advice on money matters and assistance with employment.

Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) (SA Branch)

The DFWA is an advocate for improved pay and conditions,assisting retired ADF members with compensation, claims and entitlements.

Ex Military Rehabilitation Centre

The Ex Rehabilitation Centre is a meeting place to participate in social activities. 

Military and Emergency Services Health Australia (MESHA)

MESHA raises awareness and research to support health and wellbeing projects such as PTSD for Veterans, emergency service personnel and their families. They also provide art therapy to inpatients.

National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association Australia Inc. (NMBVAA)

The NMBVAA holds memorial events and social functions, DVA and Training and Information Program.

National Servicemen's Association of Australia SA Branch

The National Servicemen's Association of Australia visits sick members, provides information on health and welfare, financial planning, entitlements, retirement homes.

Email: nsaasa@adam.com.au
Phone: (08) 8293 6344

Naval Association of Australia (SA Section)

The Naval Association of Australia supports disadvantaged, advisory and counselling services, advocacy support for rehabilitation benefits, career advice, civilian employment, practical and financial assistance in crisis.

RAAF Association (SA Division)

The RAAF Association provides welfare – mobility aids, pension claims and has a long history of RAH visiting teams.

Royal Australian Regiment Association (SA Branch)

The Royal Australia Regiment Association provides commemorative services, social, fundraising, scholarships and assistance transition to civilian life.

RSL (SA Branch)

The RSL provides assistance with welfare entitlements, accommodation, medical treatment, rehabilitation. They also manage the operation K9 program, provide financial assistance, education, legal advice and links to respite care and community engagement.


The RSL Care SA provides the following support and services:

  • Accommodation support
  • Lifestyle support
  • Social engagement
  • Veteran specific aged care/respite providers.

Soldier On

Soldier On provides the following support and services:

  • peer to peer support, coffee, family social days, respite, camping
  • health and fitness, psychologists, golf, fitness club, cycling,  kayaking, walking, yoga inspirational events
  • education and employment, resume and interview techniques, study, scholarships, employment advocacy volunteer opportunities, seminars and information. 

South Australian Men's Shed Association

The South Australian Men's Shed Association provides a meeting space, collaborative community projects.

The Legacy Club of Adelaide Inc.

The Legacy Club of Adelaide provides assistance with accommodation, home maintenance and safety, welfare, benefits, access to medical services, education, practical and financial assistance. They also provide advice on widow pension claims, legal assistance, social activities and entertainment.

The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc (P.V.A) - SA Branch

The P.V.A provides social support, information, education and understanding.

TPI Association of SA

The TPI Association of SA provides advice on welfare and legislation concerning TPI as well as hospital visits and social trips.

Trojan's Trek Foundation

Trojan's Trek Foundation, trek experience provides the setting and conditions under which participants will experience a lasting positive shift in personal values and interpersonal relationships, designed to improve their lifestyle and community involvement. The thrust of the program is condition self-management resulting in a more productive life.

Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia, SA Branch Inc.

The Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia provides welfare, pension, advocacy assistance, commemorative services and social support.

Vietnam Veterans Federation South Australian Branch Inc

The Vietnam Veterans Federation provides welfare advocacy for TPI where claims are rejected, legal representation and aid. They also provide advice to Governments, social interaction and support to all Veterans.

War Widows' Guild of Australia Inc.

The War Widows' Guild of Australia promotes and provides companionship, counselling and support for its members.

William Kibby V.C. Veterans' Shed

The William Kibby V.C Veterans' Shed provides social support and space to share health, welfare and past trauma.