GP Plus and community health services for older people

Community Health and GP Plus Health Care Centres ensure older persons have access to a range of services which meet their needs. 

There is a strong focus on programs provided in the community which offer therapy, support and health promotion.

Services available

The new GP Plus Centres and Super Clinics provide a range of community based services including:

  • falls prevention - assessment, linkage and education
  • chronic disease programs
  • specialist clinics
  • health promotion
  • rehabilitation
  • social support
  • health information.

Services focus on preventative care, health promoting programs and supporting people in maintaining their health, especially as they return to the community after a hospital stay.

Where are these services provided?

These services are provided from a variety of settings including Community Health Centres, the newly developing GP Plus Health Care Centres and Super Clinics and regional services. Programs can be individual or group based and may be offered in the home.

Many services focus on helping people to maintain good health, especially when returning home after spending time in hospital. Some programs are designed to respond quickly to a change in health needs, keeping people from needing to go to hospital.

For more information contact your local Community Health or GP Plus Centre near you.