On-site wastewater installation approval

Approval from the relevant authority must be obtained prior to installing or altering an on-site wastewater system.

Often, particularly for new developments, a builder or wastewater engineer will lodge the wastewater works application on behalf of a home or business owner.

The responsible authority is determined by the capacity of the wastewater system and the location of the installation.  The capacity is expressed as a number of equivalent persons (EP).  One EP equals 150 litres of wastewater generated per day.

Responsible authorities

  • Local council  less than or equal to 6000 litres a day (≤ 40 EP) and within a council area
  • Department for Health and Wellbeing  greater than 6000 litres a day (> 40 EP)
  • Department for Health and Wellbeing  wastewater systems unincrporated areas e.g., APY Lands

How to apply to the Department for Health and Wellbeing

The application form (PDF 89KB) details the supporting information required to be submitted. 

Applications to the Department for Health and Wellbeing are to be emailed to healthwastewatermanagement@sa.gov.au for systems > 40EP.

An invoice for the application fee will be issued to the applicant, and processing time is typically 6 to 8 weeks.

How to apply to the local councils

Contact the relevant council on the requirements for approval. 

Approved products

For systems with a capacity ≤ 40 EP, SA Health approved products are to be used.

For systems with a capacity of ≤ 40 EP and located in a council area, please contact the local council for their application requirements.