Wastewater products

Under the Wastewater Regulations:

  • an on-site system used as part of wastewater works must be subject of an SA Health product approval
  • a person must not sell a system for use as an on-site wastewater system unless the system is the subject of an SA Health product approval

These requirements apply to systems in scope of the 1546 suite of Australian Standards, which are typically used in residential and small commercial settings. For those systems not in scope, engineering certification of the system upon installation may be required.

On-site wastewater systems include:

  • primary treatment tanks (e.g., septic tanks and alternative biological systems)
  • secondary treatment systems (e.g., aerated wastewater treatment system and passive secondary treatment system)
  • greywater treatment systems
  • blackwater treatment systems
  • holding tanks and pump sumps.

Approved products

See the following for a list of approved product:

Seeking product approval

The 36KB) application for product approval (PDF 36KB) details the supporting information required to be submitted. Multiple products may be listed.

Applications to the Department for Health and Wellbeing are to be emailed to healthwastewatermanagement@sa.gov.au.

An invoice for the application fee will be issued to the applicant, and processing time is typically 6 to 8 weeks.

Product approvals expire after 5 years, or at the AS 1546 certification expiry date, whichever is earlier. The Wastewater Management team will contact you to advise if there is an intention to remove the product from the approved product list.  

Application to SA Health is required to be made when a modifications to a product is made which triggers a need to re-certify the product.


For further information on recycled water management contact:

Wastewater Management team
Health Protection and Regulation
Department for Health and Wellbeing
Email: healthwastewatermanagement@sa.gov.au
Phone: (08) 8226 7100.