Healthy food and drink choices in SA Health facilities

As part of the South Australian Government’s commitment to preventing overweight and obesity, a policy was introduced to ensure healthy food is available for staff and visitors in all South Australian Government health services and facilities, including central and regional offices.

This mandatory policy applies to all situations where food and drinks are provided including cafeterias, kiosks, cafes, shops, vending machines, catering for functions, meetings, training and client education programs as well as fundraising, advertising and sponsorship. Changes required were phased in over an 18 month implementation period with compliance required from 1 October 2010.

Healthy Food and Drink Choices for Staff and Visitors in SA Health Facilities

Quick guide to the policy (PDF 65KB)

Evaluation report

An evaluation of the implementation of the Healthy Food and Drink policy was conducted between December 2011 and February 2012 as part of pre-planned policy evaluation activities. Site mandatory self-reporting utilising a reporting questionnaire template was undertaken. Overall, SA Health facilities have made substantial progress  towards achieving the key requirements of the policy and recommendations have been made to further strengthen its implementation.

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