Engaging a licensed pest control business and pest management technician

Most people will undertake pest control around their home, property or business at some stage, using pesticides purchased from a hardware store or supermarket. Sometimes you might have pest problems that will be too difficult for you to manage yourself. For these jobs, you should hire a licensed pest control operator.

If you need professional pest control services, it’s essential to check that both the registered business and pest management technician are licensed.

When engaging a pest control operator, here are some tips when checking the contractor is licensedTo make a complaint about pest control services or feel there is a misuse of agricultural chemicals, see the pest controller licensing complaints page for details on who and how to make a complaint. 

Pest control licensing

Licensing ensures pest control operators are competent to use pesticides safely to prevent harm to people, pets, native animals and the environment.

Licences carry ‘Endorsements’ which show that the pest control operator has successfully completed training to deal with particular pest problems.

Any business who offers pest control services in South Australia for fee or reward must hold a Pest Controller’s licence.

Anyone who applies pesticides in South Australia for payment (fee or reward) must hold the appropriate Pest Management Technician’s Licence.

Pest control licence look-up

To search for and find a:

If you have undertaken a search but remain unsure, email HealthControlledSubstances@sa.gov.au to verify the company and/or technician's pesticide licence details.

Types of pesticide licence

There are three main types of pesticide licence, including a:

  1. Pest Controller’s licence which is the business licence under which all Pest Management Technicians must work.
  2. Full Pest Management Technician (FPMT) licence which is someone who is licensed to undertake pest control work unsupervised. FPMTs have attained an appropriate qualification relevant to the type of pest control work to be undertaken.
  3. Limited Pest Management Technician (LPMT) licence which is someone who is licensed to undertake pest control work under the supervision of a FPMT. LPMTs have not yet attained all appropriate qualifications.